About: a man and his blog

It's difficult to have a vaguely interesting photo of oneself without it being pretentious.
Me, five years/kilograms ago

Welcome! This blog is a repository of most of the articles I’ve written over the last few years, for various publications as well as for the blog itself.

Cinema and music are my main interests, though this blog also contains pieces on theatre, art, travel and miscellaneous other topics, as well as numerous interviews I’ve done of actors, directors and musicians. You’ll find plenty of reviews here; the early ones were written for my University newspaper, The Cambridge Student, and for Take One, an independent film magazine/website. I’ve also written for the TelegraphExeunt MagazineThe Quietus, Think Africa Press, and Glass Magazine (print and online).

Why the name “Old Rockin’ Chair”? I hear you roar. Well, I spend a lot of time in chairs, and, like a slug with a particularly succulent patch of muck, have cultivated a somewhat emotional attachment to them. Chairs and I have much in common, such as legs and relative inanimacy. They’re where I listen to music, and watch films, and allow endless non sequiturs to ricochet around my brain. Happily, my blog title shares a name with “Rockin’ Chair” by the Band, from their self-titled album (surely one of the greatest of all time).

I hope you enjoy my blog. Opinions of my opinions, in the form of comments, would be welcomed.


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